Writing A University Level Paper With AI

Enough staring at a blank page. Learn how to write a university level paper using an AI writing assistant.

Writing A University Level Paper With AI
It's no longer a far-fetched idea that AI can be used to write university and high school written assignments. AI writing technology is not perfect yet, but can still save you hours of starting at a blank screen!  From exploring the effects of nature versus nurture to examining theories about human behavior, AI is proving itself as an invaluable tool for drafting papers. So if you're looking for a hand with your next paper, why not give an AI writing assistant a try? Who knows - you might just surprise yourself with what it comes up with!

Ok fine I'll come clean. I generated the intro paragraph using AI. I couldn't think of what to write. 😅

But enough dilly dallying, let's get your paper done mate.

Getting Started

In this example we will be using Jasper, an AI assisted writing platform. To get started create an account and sign up for a free trial of Boss Mode if you don't have an account. We will need "Boss Mode" since we are writing long form content.

Next navigate to the templates tab and click on the first "Documents" template.

Next select the "Start from Scratch" editor option.

You should now see the empty editor. Since we'll be prompting the AI you don't need to add anything in the left "Content description / brief" section.

Asking AI to Write the Paper

Generating the content in the essay will follow the same process. Directly in the text editor we will write what we want the AI to do. Imagine there was a robot beside you that will write for you, but needs to know exactly what to do. Write the command the same way you would tell it to the robot. Be as descriptive and explicit as you can.

Let's look at an example!

Coming up with a title

If you already have a title write it out at the top of the document. If you don't let's ask the AI to write one! Directly in the editor say:

Write a title for an academic essay about personality tests in the field of psychology

Then select this text and press "command + enter" on your keyboard. On a windows computer the "command" key is the "windows" key. When you do this the prompt you wrote will disappear and be replaced by the title the AI generated. Woah!

Ok so we will writing an essay on the pros and cons of personality tests. If you had another title just keep in mind what you are writing about when prompting the AI.

Intro Paragraph

To avoid sitting staring at an empty page thinking what to write let's prompt the AI! Into the editor type the prompt below, select the text, then hit "command + enter" keys!

Write an intro paragraph for an academic essay about the pros and cons of personality tests

You will see the prompt transform into the intro paragraph!

Writing Body Paragraphs

We will use the same strategy for generating each paragraph. Write the prompt/command for the AI, select the prompt (by highlighting the text with your cursor), then hit "command + enter".

Write a long paragraph about the efficacy of personality tests for an academic essay
Write a paragraph for an academic essay about the pros and cons of personality tests
Write a paragraph about the ethical considerations of personality tests for an academic essay

Making a paragraph longer

Write a paragraph about the ethical considerations of personality tests for an academic essay

For the prompt the AI only wrote a relatively short paragraph. To compose more text we will as the keyword "Additionally, " to the end of the paragraph. This will suggest to the AI that in order to write more text it must extend the current paragraph instead of creating a new one.

Hit the bit purple "Compose" button to generate the text.

Generating a conclusion

Can you guess how you would write the prompt for this?

Write a concluding paragraph for an academic essay about the pros and cons of personality tests

Select the text, hit the magic keys, and boom there is our essay!

Checking for plagiarism

Let's check the generated text for originality. We'll run the text through an online plagiarism detection tool. Sweet, everything looks good!

Using AI to check for AI

Oh the irony. Plagiarism detection software companies such as Turnitin will soon begin deploying software for detecting AI generated content. Let's use an online AI content detector to check the text for originality. Run each paragraph through the tool one by one due to the word limit. Looks good!

If you text shows a low percentage on the "human generated content" score, rewrite the some of the sentences until it passes. Think about unique/weird ways you could rewrite a few of the sentences.


As you might have noticed AI generated text does not contain citations. Currently the only way to add citations is to proofread the generated text and google any non-obvious point. Then plug whatever source you find into a citation maker and boom, there's your citation.

Good luck, stay safe, and have fun!