How To Write A Scholarship Application Using Jasper AI

Learn how to write a winning scholarship application in minutes using an AI writing assistant.

How To Write A Scholarship Application Using Jasper AI

Many students procrastinate applying for scholarships to the point where they don't end up applying. Many scholarships only get a measly number of applications. This means that students that bother to submit a half decent application have a great chance of picking up thousands of dollars to help with their education.

Couple hours of time for thousands of dollars? Sounds like a deal to me.

Today we will be writing an application for the $55,000 Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship.

Getting Started

Pick a Scholarship

First pick a scholarship you want to apply for. There's many online directories such as:

Open AI Document Editor

We will be using an AI writing assistant to help write the scholarship. In this example we will be using Jasper. To get started create an account and sign up for a free trial of Boss Mode if you don't have an account. Boss Mode is required when writing long form content.

Once you've created an account navigate to the templates tab and click on the first "Documents" template.

Next select the "Start from Scratch" editor option.

Asking AI to Write Scholarship

We will generate the scholarship application step by step. Each step will follow the same process. First write what you want to the AI to do directly in the text editor. Next highlight the command. Then press "command + enter" keys on your keyboard. Note command = windows key on windows computers.

Let's look at an example.

Generating the Structure

The scholarship application describes the selection criteria as follows:

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship is awarded to community college students with financial needs. Applicants are also reviewed on academic success, leadership, service, and persistence. Scholarships can be used at a four-year college or university towards a bachelor's degree.

In our example we will be starting from a blank page. Let's ask the AI how we should structure the application.

Write an outline for a scholarship application demonstrating academic success, leadership, and community involvement.

Highlight the command, then press the "command + enter" keys and boom you have the outline.

Writing the first paragraph

The first paragraph will talk about our academic success. We will ask the AI to write a little story about having to work hard for a 3.7 GPA and the awards we earned. You can tweak this command to describe your accomplishments.

Write a narrative about having to work hard to earn a 3.7 GPA and the amazing feeling of being recognized as an honors student

Highlight the command, then press the "command + enter" keys and boom you have the first paragraph. If the paragraph is not complete, hit the compose button a few times until the entire paragraph has been generated.

Writing About Leadership

Next we will ask the AI to write a story about our leadership positions. For the example I will use editor of student newspaper, leading fundraiser, and soccer coach. You can change this to whatever activities you did.

Write a narrative about being the editor of the student newspaper, leading a fundraiser for cancer research, and giving free soccer lessons to underprivileged children in the community.

Write the command directly in the editor like before, press the magic keys, and boom three paragraphs of great content. 😮🤯

Writing About Financial Need

To generate several paragraph about our financial need we will use the following prompt. Once again, edit this to reflect your story.

Write a narrative about why you need financial assistance to attend college

Writing About Career Goals

Finally explain what you plan to study and how you apply your knowledge to improve the world.

Write a narrative about striving to earn a computer science degree and having a career in artificial intelligence

Final Product

And just like that we got a persuasive 800 word scholarship application. Hopefully this helps you bag several thousand dollars in scholarships!

Check out the full text below:

Good luck and have fun!