How to Prepare for Interviews with ChatGPT

Practical ideas for saving time on interview prep using ChatGPT.

How to Prepare for Interviews with ChatGPT

If you've been on the internet recently you've probably seen various content talking about ChatGPT generated answers earning a passing grade on all kinds of exams. For example the Wharton MBA exam, the bar exam, and the AP Computer Science exam.

We know that ChatGPT can be used to generate answers to commonly discussed content on the internet, but having access to ChatGPT during an interview isn't something that's going to happen soon. You could be creative of course in finding ways to have access 😉, but it's probably not worth it considering copying the answers verbatim in real time can be error prone.

So what are some practical ways way can use ChatGPT to save time in preparing for interviews?

Prepare Answers

Let's say we're interviewing for a Software Engineering position at Citadel Securities (a large market making firm). Good answers are specific to the company, business, and culture. But who wants to spend time researching that?

Why Do You Want to Work Here?

If you're a software engineer interviewing for Citadel Securities your answer is probably "I want money and don't mind coding".

Although that answer is correct, it's probably not what the interviewer is looking for.

Citadel Securities is looking to hire highly technical engineers who are passionate about solving hard problems. With that in mind let's see what ChatGPT comes up with.

write a bullet points about why you want to work at citadel securities as a software engineer

These are good bullet points specific to the role. It would be a good idea to add a personal narrative to the mix, but overall these bullet points would form an acceptable answer for the interviewer.

STAR Questions

STAR stands for specific situation, task, action, and result of the situation you are describing. This is a commonly expected format for answering behavioral questions such as "tell me about a time you had to meet a challenging deadline".

As you can see below ChatGPT was decent at generating generic responses to such questions.

write a narrative about a challenging deadline you had to meet in a software engineering role

This narrative could serve as a template for your response which you could adapt to be specific to the feature you worked on.

If you're particularly lazy/resourceful you can try writing the prompt to be specific to your experience. This works alright for generic experience such as developing an API, however struggles for niche experience which isn't well documented on the internet.

write a narrative about meeting a challenging deadline for developing an API in a software engineering role

Prepare Questions

Almost every interviewer will leave the floor open for questions at the end of the interview. You're expected to have some company questions ready in order to leave a good impression.

what are good questions to ask at the end of a software engineering interview with citadel securities

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these questions. They are specific to a software engineering role at a trading firm which would leave a good impression at the end of the interview.

Closing Notes

Hopefully this article provides some inspiration for how you can save time preparing for interviews with ChatGPT. Preparing interview responses are a great application of generative AI as you will be forced to audit the answers as you review them before the interview. It is best to avoid reading the questions verbatim during the interview as they may be factually incorrect.

Good luck and have fun!